University of Washington Dempsey Indoor Field

Seattle, Washington

University of Washington
Square Footage
100,000 SF
Electrical Engineering and Lighting Design
Completion Date

The Dempsey Indoor is the University of Washington’s new state-of-the-art indoor athletic training facility.

The structure provides a practice venue for the University of Washington Husky football, track, softball, baseball, and men‘s and women‘s soccer teams during all seasons.

The indoor lighting at the facility is one of the most notable features of the design, as it allows athletes and coaches to see comfortably and accurately. This approach was accomplished by considering and controlling light levels, glare, color rendition, and uniformity and choosing the most energy-efficient light sources.

The high-bay downlights provide the majority of the light on the field, creating more of an “outdoor feel.” Indirect uplighting illuminates the 16-foot-deep ceiling cavity between the bottom of the roof trusses and the upper roof deck. The indirect lighting further improves the uniformity of the light distribution on the field.

Additionally, a combination of low-bay downlights and indirect lighting fixtures mounted on the perimeter walls light up the four-lane running track around the perimeter of the football field

The overall result is a lighting system that is functional, versatile, and simple to operate.