Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Children’s Hospital
NBBJ Design
Square Footage
42,000 SF
Electrical Engineering and Lighting Design
Completion Date
March 2022

The new Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, operated by Seattle Children’s Hospital, is in a 42,000-square-foot building at Othello Square. The clinic occupies two floors of the seven-story building.

It provides medical, dental, behavioral care, physical therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition services, and more to diverse families in the South Seattle community.

With thorough planning and coordination, TFWB ensured all the clinic needs were met for electrical, communications, and safety and security systems. Inspired by the local community’s cultural diversity, the clinic’s colorful, layered, and inviting design is an elegant balance of modern and artisanal styles.

The lighting design throughout the facility is both beautiful and functional. Linear wall washers highlight the local artwork that features the rich cultural heritage which is part of the clinic’s legacy. On the second level, large-scale decorative ring pendants in the Town Hall are strategically arranged around “tree trunk” structural columns to emulate canopies.

Waiting areas known as “porches” outside exam rooms are illuminated with a warm glow emanating from wall sconces to create a welcoming and comfortable space. Exam rooms provide multiple layers of light and adjustable lighting controls to create flexibility based on patients’ needs.

Each space in this medical facility was thoughtfully and carefully designed to create a place that embraces integrated medical care, cultivates a sense of community and belonging in its design and experience, and represents the multicultural groups that it serves.

TFWB is proud to have partnered with NBBJ Design and Absher Construction on this beautiful project and excited to witness how current and future generations will benefit from it.