Western State Hospital

Lakewood, Washington

City of Lakewood
NAC Architecture
Square Footage
60,000 SF
Electrical Engineering
Completion Date

Western State Hospital (WSH), located in Lakewood, Washington, is one of the nation’s largest psychiatric institutions.

TFWB partnered with NAC Architecture on the electrical and lighting design for a new 60,000-square-foot commercial Kitchen, Commissary, and Pharmacy for the hospital. To promote mental health and recovery, the facility operates a full-service kitchen that addresses the nutritional needs of 883 patients and more than 2,500 employees.

The outdated kitchen was seismically unsafe, poorly configured, and inefficient. In addition, the Pharmacy and Central Supply functions lacked adequate storage space, and the bulk Commissary building was limited in load capacity and inefficiently configured.

The quality, variety, and serving efficiency of food delivered to patients are critical to the effectiveness of their therapy and the speed of their recovery. Food and serving supplies integrate with the Hospital campus’s general Commissary and operations.

The replacement of these facilities will help the hospital increase patient recovery through dietary choices and more efficient storage and distribution of patient pharmaceuticals and sterile medical aids.