Tukwila Fire Station 51 received a 2022 Civic Design Award – Honorable Mention from AIA Washington Council!
The 12,540 square-foot facility is the first of multiple fire stations included in a 2016 bond measure to enhance the City’s public safety infrastructure. Tukwila Fire Station 51 is a one-story building with a two-apparatus bay, six bunk rooms, a kitchen, a training room, and support spaces for the crew. In addition, the design includes specific “hot” and “cool” zones, air filtration, and other strategies to support firefighters’ health, mental safety, and well-being while projecting a sense of permanence, reliability, and protection to the community.
Lighting is vital in creating a calming environment for first responders. Common areas at FS 51 include floor-to-ceiling windows and strategically placed skylights to allow plentiful daylight and views of the outdoors.
The architectural design incorporates massive brick walls, vertical metal slots, and high-performance fiberglass windows on all stations included in the bond. Moreover, the location of the bays facilitates a speedy exit for the station’s responding vehicles.
With this project, the City of Tukwila hopes to emphasize the strength and stability of the local fire department. Thank you, Weinstein A+U, for letting us partner with you for the electrical and lighting design of this beautiful project!

Photos Credit: Lara Swimmer